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The Val-d’or G2 (T10 model) was a long time coming to us. It was over a year before we were first contacted by the seller and to actually getting it into our home. It was well worth the wait!

The Val-d’or G2 was being sold by the son of its original owner who, fortunately for us and the unit itself, had it safely stored in the basement therefore maintaining its original finish in near perfect condition. We drove 6 hours north to the gold mining town of Val-D’or to pick it up once we got it home – 14 hours later – we could see that this unit only needed a cleaning.

What is most striking about the Val-D’or is its wonderfully figured rosewood in rich which is almost fluid in its texture and colour. It is a showpiece and we are happy to say that this is the G2 T10 on display at the Design Exchange until October 2008. Absolutely one of our favourite G’s stereos.

Below are a few select images of the Val-D'or G2 – just move your mouse up and down over the images to view - enjoy!

The Val-D'or G2 in its previous home in Val-D'or, Quebec, Canada
This unit was well maintained and after a thorough cleaning and few interior indicator and dial lamps replaced it glowed beautifully!
What the designers and management of Clairtone understood was the design concept of 'less is more'. With simple geometry and functionality a fantastic aesthetic is achieved.
Underneath the simple design of the amplifier's faceplate, however, is not so simple.
DC Hillier poses with the Val-D'or G2 at the Art of Clairtone exhibit at the Design Exchange in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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