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The Toronto G2 (T14 Model) was the first G2 added to our collection. It was purchased from its original owner, Bill, just outside of Toronto, Ontario Canada. It was a very emotional moment for Bill when he had to part with his G2 as for him it represented the freedom and fun of his youth. He had our assurances that it would be well loved. The first part of that promised would turn out to be a rather intensive restoration as the Toronto G2 was in a sad state.

The T14 model of G2, like the Toronto G2, differs from the earlier T10 G2 in most notably in that the turntable is mounted in the center of the body rather than on the left. Also, the amp face is very different from the earlier T10 model. We had a dedicated mini-site of the Toronto G2’s restoration online and can be viewed buy clicking here
UPDATE: The Toronto G2 is no longer part of our collection as it was recently acquired by a private collector in New York.

Below are a few select images of the Toronto G2 – just move your mouse up and down over the images to view - enjoy!

The condition of the Toronto G2 when we first found it 4 years ago. It had been stored - but not fogotten - by the original owner for several years.
When we got this unit home the first thing we did was to completely disassemble it, take note of what had to be done and rebuild from the ground up.
Back from the electronics guru the amp is fully functioning and lit. Almost all of our Clairtones have had their electronics restored.
The Garrard Lab 95B is a wonderful addition to this stereo - a perfect compliment
The speakers came back beautifully on this one. With the G2 speakers we usually open them up, clean the exteriors with a mild soap and soft brush and re-mesh the grills. The cones we simply dust with soft artist's brush.
Et voil;a!
As already stated, this unit is no longer part of our collection. As always, sad to see go.

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