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The Ottawa G suffered an ignoble fate. The Ottawa G is one of the early Project G’s with the T4 amp. And while it may have served years of listening pleasure to its original owner someone, many years later would cut off its speaker support arms and modified – rather crudely – the interior and turned it into a tambour-topped rolling bar cart. The ‘modifier’ had kept the original red velvet record box intact and when we acquired it there were still ring stains in the velvet from where the bottles were stored. It was not an easy task returning this beautiful unit to its original glamour! What was most intriguing to us was that the person responsible for essentially gutting this unit had kept all the original parts down to the last wire and screw.

The Ottawa G certainly represents one of our most labour intensive restorations: this work list includes:

-          removing all the added pieces of wood, plastic and a mirror added to make the
          bar cart
-          carefully filling holes and scars left from the removal of the ‘add-ons’
-          rebuilding the TC4 amplifier housing
-          rebuilding the Elac 10H turntable plinth
-          re-veneering (with authentic pre-ban Brazilian palisander (rosewood)
-          refinishing entire wooden body with period-correct shellac
-          re-facing the TC4 amplifier

And while this may seem a long task list it is still not the most labour intensive unit we’ve restored. Usually our mandate is to do only what’s necessary to any stereo but the Ottawa G needed some serious surgery. Today it is beautiful and looks as if fresh from the factory.

Below are a few select images of the Ottawa G – just move your mouse up and down over the images to view - enjoy!

When we first found the Ottawa G is had been mawkishly converting into a rolling bar cart
Interesting enough, however, the person who made made the conversion from stereo to bar cart had kept all the Ottawa G's components and parts. Here we can see a badly worn TC4 Project G amplifier
Underneath the Ottawa G we can see the earyl markings and serial numbers. The maple leaf sticker proudly reads, "Keep Canada Strong -
Made in Canada"
The future was then! Part way through the restoration just prior to re-veneering the damaged interior parts and refinishing the exterior wood
Not oo bad in the end if we do say so ourselves. A wonderful unit brought back to it original glamour!

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