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The most obvious thing to report is our new website! In our ongoing efforts to create an online resource for Clairtone and Clairtone fans we have finally launched the new We are still in the process of rebuilding this site and will soon be adding features such as a bulletin board and user’s forum where we would like you to post photos of your Clairtones and shares your stories and tips. We will also be showcasing our Clairtone collection which continues to grow. Enjoy your visit and check back soon!

The long awaited and much anticipated Clairtone book, The Art of Clairtone: The Making of a Design Icon, 1958-1971 (designed by Hambly & Woolley Inc. and published by McClelland & Stewart), is finally available and is an absolute must have for any Clairtone collector, fan or anyone simply interested in a marvellous time in Canadian marketing and business history. Nina Munk, daughter of Clairtone co-founder Peter Munk and Rachel Gotlieb, design historian and curator, have put together an astounding and comprehensive portrait of one of Canada’s most enduring companies and the design language and iconography that survives long after Clairtone’s demise.

Buy it Here!

And if simply reading about the magic of Clairtone isn’t enough for you then check it out in person at the Design Exchnage from May 9th to October 13th, 2008 As their website states, “ With more than 70 artifacts on display––including original Clairtone hi-fi consoles, vintage furniture and fashion, as well as TV commercials from the 1960s, Hollywood film clips, interviews with the founders, archival photographs, brochures, notebooks, and rare blueprints––the exhibition is an in-depth look at an iconoclastic company that once seemed to represent all the promise of Canada”

Be sure to check it out!

Check back soon for more news and updates.

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Daniel Leblanc

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