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A mini-site of one of our restoration projects - a T14 G2

A step by step visual tour of the process involved as we take a Project G2 (T14) from a dusty old wreck to a showpiece. Lotsa great tips here for those about to embark on their own restoration project!

The Design Exchange: Promoting Canadian Design

The nation's leading resource for Canadian design. The first museum anywhere to recognise the need to preserve and promote the legacy of Clairtone. as well as all import Canadian design works. Well worth a visit!

The Canadian Design Resource

An online blog featuring a broad - often amusing - Canadian design imagery and information. Also features user comments and feedback .

Eric Belanger: The Radio Doc

Have an old clunker of a stereo or radio sitting around that you would like to hear sing again? Then get in touch with Eric. He's the Radio (and Clairtone) Doc! However, he's a busy man so patience!

Retro Thing: Vintage Gadgets and Technology

Fantastic site by a couple of very dedicated followers of vintage gadgets and gizmos. Incredibly comprehensive, well produced and worth checking out!

Société Québécoise des Collectionneurs de Radios Anciens

La société (S.Q.C.R.A.) est un organisme d'intérêt public, consacré à la perpétuation des techniques de radio-réception anciennes, telles qu'elles étaient utilisées dans la première moitié du 20e siècle.

The Art of Clairtone: The Making of a Design Icon

The long awaited book about the history of Clairtone by authors Nina Munk and Rachel Gotlieb - beautifully illustrated and well woth the purchase! Our 'Winnepeg G' is on the cover and serveral of our units are featured.

Design in Canada: From Teakettles to Task Chairs

Rachel Gotlieb and Cora Golden's lavishly illustrated Design in Canada: Fifty Years from Teakettles to Task Chairs delivers a feel-good overview of Canadian industrial design highlights in a package that combines serious historical research with a droll appreciation for kitsch.

A simple gallery of some of our collection: 1

Just some random photos taken over the past few years of the Project G series and other Clairtone products we have in our collection.

A simple gallery of some of our collection: 2

Some more random photos taken over the past few years of the Project G series and other Clairtone products we have in our collection.

A gallery featuring a restoration of a Project G

A flash gallery of the process involved in cleaning and restoring a Project G. In this case the Cheltenham G, which is no longer part of our Collection

The Project G's

A higher resolution contact sheet of the Project G's in our collection.

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