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How does one go about describing a product light Clairtone’s Music Light. The first word would be capital ‘R’ Rare! We have been searching for years for Clairtone products of interest to us and we have seen only one of these which we bought on eBay. Having seen archived inner office memos and photos of the prototype for the Music Light and Translator, we initially thought that this product never went into production but of course it did but only a handful ever went to market making the Music Light with matching ‘Translator’ box possibly the rarest of all Clairtone products.

How it works is simple enough; you plug your audio source into the back of the Translator box which separates the sound into lows, mids and highs and assigns these frequencies to one of the three dichromic red, green and blue pure lights inside the orb base. The Translator also features a colour band of red, green and blue on its faceplate as a visual method of control. You adjust the colour distribution to your personal taste and the effect is a pulsing, undulating ball of liquid colour. The Music Light and Translator is definitely a product of it’s time and still a show stopper 40 years later. During the opening of the Art of Clairtone Show at the Design Exchange it was up and running and it drew an entranced crowd!

Below are a few select images of the Music Light – just move your mouse up and down over the images to view - enjoy!

The Music Light and Translator box in our home. Possibly the rarest of all of Clairtone's products.
Underneather the plastic orb is a pattern generator with light disperser. You can also see the three dichromic red, green and blue flood lights
1967 promotional brochure for Trip the Light Fantastic campaign which promised to introduced a series of products that would 'create an experimental environment". Almost none of these products made it to market.
Sequence of photos showing the Music Light coming to life.

Photos by George Whiteside

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