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The Lake Simcoe G (model T10) was found only this past year just north of Newcastle, Ontario, Canada. It was being sold by the original owner’s daughter who had stored it in her garage. She told us her father had loved this stereo and kept any and all newspaper and magazine clipping he could find about Clairtone. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – Clairtone owners seem to be the nicest people!

The Lake Simcoe G is the also the only Project we bought sight unseen and handled all the negotiations over the phone – having the selling describe in detail which Project G  exactly she had.  When we found it was in reasonably good condition. The speakers, as is so often the case, we dented so we had to carefully repair them and this one suffered from what we call the “Clairtone Curse”. The Clairtone Curse is with the amplifier. For some reason Clairtone’s amplifiers, almost to the last one, will loose a stereo channel – almost always the left. We have asked electronics people we know and no one seems to have an answer as to why this is so beyond the age of the units themselves. But the Clairtone curse is an easy mend and after a little tlc the Lake Simcoe G is back to it’s original glory.

Unfortunately we do not have any further images of the Lake Simcoe G at this moment

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