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The New Jersey G2 was added to our collection three years ago and was the first G2 T10 model to be acquired. And yes, it was found in New Jersey, USA. The seller was the original owner who bought this demo model G2 straight off the department store floor in 1966. It is known that Clairtone, ahead of the G2’s being available to the buying public, sent out to its the larger retailers, demo models to stir up some buzz around their new line. This is one of the early, not officially for sale, demo G2’s.

There are no marked differences between the demo units and the ones that would eventually be offered to the public. Some smaller, but some noteworthy, differences are: black-painted aluminium hinges. Anyone who knows the G2 will also know that the acrylic lid hinges almost always and eventually broke. It seems, however, that originally the designers had wanted aluminium hinges. This would prove a sage idea indeed as none of the hinges on the New Jersey G2 were broken. The support for the body and record box on this unit differs from later models in that is has simple, small blocks that hold the body above the running support arm – giving an overhaul appearance as to be floating above its support. Also, there is no serial number stamped into the underside of the New Jersey G2 as it was never meant to be sold.

Overall, the New Jersey G2 is a rare and stunning unit with single, wide plank veneer of Brazilian rosewood on all sides. And beyond a simple disassembly for cleaning, it was – and still is - in both 100% physical and functioning condition.

Below are a few select images of the New Jersey G2 – just move your mouse up and down over the images to view - enjoy!

A photo sent to us by the original owner shows the New Jersey G2 in it's original condition and its original home.
One of the unique features of the early G2's is the speaker support arms could be easily removed as to allow the speakers (on separate pedestal stands) could be placed anywhere in the room)
The underside of the New Jersey G2 cast aluminium base show how the wires of the stereo are fed down through the main support stem and to jack at the back of stereo base.
The acrylic lid of the G2s are prone to abbrasions and scractches. The New Jersey G2 was no exception and its lid needed to be polished, Our approach is to use Novus, 3-step plastic polish and a lot of grunt work. Well worth the effort however!
Nearly completed the New Jersey G2 is being audio tested in front of the Winnepeg G.
The New Jersey G2 can be seen here (lower right of the photo) with the extremely hard to find
extension speakers.
The New Jersey G2 as it is in our home.

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