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We are frequently asked about the value of a Clairtone stereo. It is always hard to assess the exact value of a unit as condition and desirability are major factors in determining the retail value of a Clairtone stereo or component.

First and foremost, in collecting circles, the Project G and 2 are most sought after with the G3 being less so. The least sought after units are the traditional floor model consoles. Keeping in mind that Clairtone sold vastly more traditionally style floor model stereos they come up quite often and it is those stereos that people most often ask us about. While most of the floor model stereos are worth little more than a few hundred dollars there are some that might fetch higher. Here are a couple ‘traditionally styled’ floor model Clairtone stereos that may be worth investigating:

Early (pre -1963) ‘Signature Series’ tube model console stereo. These are very long and are ‘Danish’ in style. They also have a fantastic amplifier (silver faced) and might be of interest to audiophiles and collectors alike.

The 1958 100-S – again, teak, Danish styling with beige broadcloth over sliding door covered speakers with tube amplifier – just not a lot of those out there.

There are more than Clairtone stereos one can collect as the company made separate speakers, amplifiers and well as records so if you have anything that may be of interest that is not a stereo, by all means, get in touch with us.

As collectors we are predominantly focused on the Project G series and usually have no interest in the floor model stereo. Our best advice to those wishing to sell their floor-model stereos is to post them on or   - both are free. Since shipping a Clairtone stereo would prove exorbitant eBay is not a wise way of going. However, if you remove the amplifier and turntable there are collectors out there who search for these items and these are shippable and you can use eBay to sell you unit – at least parts of it.

Please feel free to contact us with any of your questions!

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