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North of Toronto, Ontario, Canada there is a sleepy little town by the name of Cheltenham and as bucolic as the setting of these northern farmlands are, the Cheltenham G came from the most bizarre setting.

We first saw the Cheltenham G (T10 model) in a place where one does not come across many Clairtones – on eBay. We contacted the seller and made an offer on the sale and he accepted. Since we were going to be in Toronto in a couple of weeks we also made arrangements to pick up the stereo. By the photos of the eBay listing it was difficult to tell what condition this G was in and since there were no interior photos posted we neither could we tell what the model was.

A couple of weeks later and we drive through Cheltenham, then past Cheltenham and continue following our Map Quest guide to an open chain link gate that marked the entrance to a dirt road. What at first looked to be a gated community turned out to be -  what could only best be described as – a biker commune. Dozens of dogs ran wild and almost all the tiny, tightly clustered houses had motorcycle and various motorcycle parts outside. The house that had the Cheltenham G in its basement actually had a pirate’s flag flying from it’s roof peak. At any rate, we, to the amazement of the seller, managed to disassemble the Cheltenham G and fit it into our rather small car. We’ve become quite good at this.

After a very extremely cleaning the Cheltenham G is nothing short of a showpiece! Thi stereo is one of our favourite Project G’s as it has the most beautifully figured rosewood body. It’s a show stopper!

UPDATE: This stereo is no longer part of our collection as it has been recently acquired by a private collector.

Below are a few select images of the Arizona G – just move your mouse up and down over the
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The Cheltenham G as it was posted on eBay. It was impossible tot tell what condition it was on or which model it was.
As you can see by this photo the Chetenham G need some serious scrubbing as it had developed a little mildew problem from having been stored in a basement for years.
We completely disassembled this unit right down to the last wire. Show here is the interior works of a T10 amplifier.
Part of the Cheltenham's cleaning was having its brushed aluminium parts completely repolished. It is a laborious process but well woth the effort in the end.
Reassembled, cleaned and working, the Cheltenham G is abeautiful unit.
The completely restored faceplate of the T10 amplifier and cleaned, fuschia record box.
The Cheltenham G as it looked in our home. It is a beautiful piece of workmanship and we shall miss this one!

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