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The Arizona G has travelled the furthest to be part of out collection. It is also has, what we consider, to be the sweetest story behind it. The Arizona G – a later T10 model – was originally purchased in Ontario by Tom, a Canadian forces officer who purchased the unit in 1967 (incidentally, the last year of the Project G’s production run). Soon after purchasing his Project G Tom the officer was stationed in Germany and insisted that his Project G follow him there. While in Germany he met his future wife and Tom informed us that he had many fond memories courting his while his Project G played in the background.

After his tour in Germany was up, Tom returned to Canada with his Project G and a new wife. After raising a family, Tom and his wife retired to Arizona and their Project G followed them there as well. When we were first contact by Tom about purchasing this beloved Project G (he was downsizing to a smaller condo and felt it finally time to let his stereo go)  is was as if we were being interviewed by an adoption agency. He did not want his stereo to go to just any home – it had to be a good and loving home who would appreciate his G as much as he had. We were very lucky to have passed the interview process. Tom went on to tell us that his Project G was always on during family events, always playing in the background during holidays, birthday, anniversary gatherings. It was the social center of the family.

As collectors of the Project G series we are struck by how nice those who owned and kept their Project G’s and equally struck by how attached these people are to their stereos. It has been a point of great curiosity for us to try and understand that strong connection created by this stereo.

When the Arizona G showed up it was in excellent condition and needed little more than a cleaning. Tom really did love his Project G!

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The Arizona G as it looked in its home in Phoenix, Arizona. It was well-loved and remained in excellent condition.
After it arrived at our home the Arizona G underwent a thorough cleaning. You can see in this photo how the Project G's original TC4 amplifier mounting was retro-fitted to accomodate the newer T10 amplifier
Few people have seen the interior of the Project G's sound globes. A basic spun aluminium sphere, and circular hole for the full range Wharfedale Super D 10 inch cones. A remarkable sounding speaker. This was covered with simple hessian fabric.
The Arizona G in our home. This photo shows the beautifully figured rosewood top. Also, indicative of the T10 models, unlike the earlier TC4 models, the T10's were less red in appearance as David Gilmour felt the reddish stain made the of the first Project G's look 'too plastic in appearance". We respectfully disagree.
The interior of the Arizona G shows the horizontally mounted T10 amplifier and the Garrard Lab 80 turntable. They would remain like this until the end of their production.

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